Hours remained until the Indonesian submarine ran out of oxygen

The oxygen in the submarine was calculated to be sufficient to keep the crew alive until 03.00 p.m. local time, according to Admiral Yodo Margundo. In Sweden, the fateful deadline ended at 9 pm on Friday.

The Indonesian army lost contact with KRI Nanggala 402 regarding one Exercise in the strait between Bali and Java. The cutoff occurred an hour and a half after the submarine requested a depth and launched a torpedo about ten miles north of Bali.

During Friday Search efforts have been intensified. 24 ships from the Indonesian fleet searched the area where the submarine is believed to have disappeared, along with several search aircraft. She wrote that Australian warships and Boeing B-8 Poseidon aircraft of the US Navy also joined on Friday. The German Wave. Malaysia, India and Singapore also offered their help.

The attachment is concentrated in an area where the oil is directed to the surface. An oil spill is interpreted as either an impact of an accident or as an emergency signal from the crew.

Six tons of equipment to assist the applicants in finding the submarine were shipped to a nearby base. Among other things, these underwater balloons will be able to help lift the vehicle to the surface, according to the fighter pilot who Reuters spoke to.

Indonesian Navy It is investigating whether the KRI Nanggala 402 experienced a power failure while diving. The depth of the sea at the site of disappearance is about 700 meters. A submarine can handle a maximum of 500 meters and sinking at a greater depth is associated with a risk to life.

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Indonesian defense expert Connie Rahakundini Bakri doesn’t think the crew will survive if the submarine sinks to the bottom.

“If the submarine is at a depth of 700 meters, it is difficult for it to survive because the pressure will cause cracks and a hole in the chassis,” he told Reuters.

Hari Setiawan, captain of the Indonesian Submarine Fleet, was among the 53 people on board.

Marine expert: The probability that someone on the submarine will be alive is zero

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