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A review led by the authority for public service company RTHK in Hong Kong describes shortcomings in editorial work, indicating that the media organization will be reorganized. This raises concerns about press freedom in the city.

Hong Kong. Photo gallery.picture: Kin Cheung / AP / TT

Founded in 1928, Hong Kong Radio and Television (RTHK) is the only publicly funded independent media house on Chinese soil. Its laws guarantee editorial independence.

But RTHK, through its reporting of the protests in the city, has upset the Hong Kong government as well as the police and the central system in Beijing. In many of its reviews, RTHK was cruel to the authorities.

The Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce announced last year that RTHK would be examined, something that hadn’t happened before.

“There are deficiencies in editorial management,” read the 154-page report, released on Friday. The report further describes that RTHK has weak control and that there is a clear division of responsibilities between newsrooms.

Earlier today, Deputy Home Secretary Patrick Lee was appointed head of the mission, effective March 1.

Beijing-friendly Hong Kong residents who accuse RTHK of opposing the government regularly file complaints against RTHK and stage protests outside its headquarters.

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