Högland invests in a new drying plant

Högland Såg och Hyvleri AB is an extended family business with a sawing saw and a modification plant in northeastern Sweden. By investing in two new sewage dryers at the sawmill in Anundsjö, the total drying capacity is now being increased to 375,000 m3 per year.

Two new sewage dryers with an annual capacity of 50,000 m3 will provide better flow and higher quality in Högland Såg och Hyvleri AB. This brings the total drying capacity of the family-owned Al Manashar Company to 375,000 cubic meters per year. Photo: Valutec

Family-owned Högland produces Annually about 320,000 cubic meters of sawn timber is made of spruce and pine, which is mainly exported to the UK. To get better production flow at the sawmill at Anundsjön, they are now upgrading with two new duct dryers.

– When the saw is working continuously We have tested that wood dryers have become a limiting factor in production. So we’re investing mainly to get better production flow, but also to get improved quality of the end product, says David Markusson, CEO of Höglands Såg och Hyvleri in a press release.

Spaces from Valutec Högland has had good experiences before. The two canal dryers to be installed in Anundsjösågen in August this year have a capacity of 50,000 m3 / year each.

The article was published on Wednesday 10 March 2021

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