Here’s the gang going into space with Axiom Space. Pay 450 million crowns for a trip to the International Space Station

The private space company Axiom Space has now provided the entire crew that will go to the International Space Station (ISS) on Axiom’s maiden spaceflight.

Last year, there was speculation that actor Tom Cruise would be one of them, as he and director Doug Lehman were in discussions with NASA about filming a movie on the International Space Station. Cruz will not, however, be one of Axiom’s first four space travelers, but instead will be American pilot Larry Connor, Canadian Mark Pathy and Israeli Eitan Steppe, both of whom have earned the nickname “mission specialist”. It was already clear that former NASA astronaut Michael Lopez Alegria would be the commander of the Axiom 1 mission (Ax-1).

The four will go to the International Space Station in a SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule and are scheduled to spend eight days on the International Space Station. It’s not entirely decided when all of this will happen, but it will likely happen in January 2022. Connor, Pathy and Steppe must have paid $ 55 million each, equivalent to just over 450 million crowns, to join Axiom Space’s first manned flight to ISS.

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