Here they beat the Koenigsegg record – driving 455 km / h

It was washed first and then the engine stalled at 1,750 hp.
But now SSC Tuatara has officially broken Koenigsegg’s speed record for production cars.
The new record at the Kennedy Space Center was 455.3 km / h.

Koenigsegg’s world record for producing 447 km / h cars with the Agera RS from 2017 proved difficult to beat. The new SSC Tuatara standard car needed three attempts to succeed – and it was rare.

The first attempt where the SSC Tuatara was recorded at 508 km / h was questioned by critics and it turned out that the record may have been measured incorrectly. SSC voluntarily withdrew its record. On the next attempt, the car failed with 1,750 hp and the V8 did not run on all cylinders.

But it was valid for the third time and is now official. The supercar clocked at 455.3 km / hr at the Kennedy Space Center.

A new world record between space shuttles and rockets was set at the Kennedy Space Center. Photo: SSC

The speed measured is now less than 50 km / h from the previous record attempt towed. And only 8 km / h higher than the previous record for Koenigsegg. One of the reasons was that the track was only 3.68 km long and the car was driven by an amateur Larry Caplin.

The SSC Tuatara is similar to Koenigsegg and has like a V8 Swedish supercar with a twin turbo. However, SSC Tuatara managed to scare the impact on the E85 up to 1,750 hp. The car also has a very low 0.28 air resistance.

The SSC Tuatara uses the same recipe as the Koenigsegg – a twin-turbo V8 engine running on the E85. Photo: SSC

Koenigsegg would not allow SSC Tuatara to keep the record any longer. The new Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut is according to the founder Christian von Koenigsegg Able to drive over 500 km / h. But the SSC also said it would improve its new record.

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The maximum potential speed is enormous. If I take numbers with front area, CD value, power, gear ratio, power curve, etc., the simulations say 532 km / h or something similar. Christian von Konigsegg said that these are, of course, theoretical figures.

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