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Here are the top 10 news on Netflix in December

The last month of the year is here as well as Café’s list of Netflix hot news. As it should be, there are a lot of Christmas themes this month, but also other goodies that spice up life in the darkness of December.

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Posted 2020-12-02 15:20 |

Launchers: 3 Minutes

Autumn displayed many hours at home in front of the TV sofa. And there will likely be more during the last, full holiday month of the year – not least this year when December items like thoughtful wine mixing and Christmas parties at work were removed from the calendar. Just realize the truth: December will mean a lot of wasted time at home on the sofa. But there’s no point in hanging your lips – Netflix has, as usual, created a lot of new content in its range, which makes you more than ready for a true Christmas TV marathon.

Of course, there are still plenty of Christmas desserts on the list to put you in the right Christmas mood. For example, the second season of the popular Norwegian comedy series Home for ChristmasOr, Will Ferrell’s search for the true stories behind the greatest Christmas classics in We remember Christmas carols. In addition, the broadcast giant is also presenting its own original Danish production in the form of an erotic thriller series, a post-apocalyptic drama with George Clooney in the lead role and of course the big movie 2018 The Green BookFor which she won three Oscars.

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Follow as the café guides you, as usual, into the woods with a selection of 10 exciting news arriving on Netflix during the month.


1.Christmas movies remember them| December 1

We all have a relationship with this type, whether we like it or not. In this series, we follow Willie Ferrell behind the scenes as he delves into the true stories behind the most classic and memorable Christmas movies.

2. Selena: The Series | December 4

A music-packed drama series about Mexican-American pop star Selena and her pursuit of fame. A trip to the summit involves many sacrifices along the way – to Selena herself and the rest of the family.

3. Home for Christmas, Season Two | December 18

There will be a Christmas buzz between louse sweaters and sticky meat again this year when the popular Norwegian comedy-drama returns for a second season. Once again, the focus is on Nurse Yohannes’s search for true and warm love. And like the first season there is Felix Sandman (The largest everName on the cast.

4. Equinox |December 30th

The Danes’ knowledge of this in the crime drama is too late. Here in an exciting new format in the form of a new original supernatural series in six parts. Twenty years have passed since Astrid witnessed the disappearance of a bus full of schoolchildren, when one day she was suddenly confronted face-to-face with a man she recognized as one of the victims. A discovery leads her to start sneezing in a mysterious case.


5. The Green Book | December 1

The critically acclaimed comedy that won three Oscars at the 2019 Gala during his tour of the reclusive American South.

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6. Mank | December 4

Hollywood nostalgia promised in a reality-based movie about alcoholic screenwriter Hermann J. Mankiewicz (Gary Oldman) and his dramatic path until he finished writing one of the greatest masterpieces of film history – Citizen Kane.

7. Christmas in California | December 14th

A romantic Christmas comedy about a spoiled playboy who puts his comfortable lifestyle to the test when he tries to persuade a hard-working farmer to sell his family’s farm before Christmas.

8. Bottom of what renny black| December 18

Musical where Chadwick Bosman makes his last screen appearance (RIP), here with Viola Davis. About hot and spunky blues singer Ma Rainey while recording with her band at a studio in Chicago in 1920.

9. Midnight sky| December 23

Post-apocalyptic drama with George Clooney. A lone scientist in the Arctic tries to prevent a group of astronauts from returning to Earth after the planet suffers a mysterious disaster.

10. Richard Jewell | December 29

Drama based on a true story about Richard Jewell, the man who first became hero but was later identified as the prime suspect in the 1996 Atlanta Centennial Park bombing. Through desperate attempts, he tried to prove his innocence to both the FBI and the media .

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