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Here are the new emojis for Samsung One UI 5 that you can install right now

One of the biggest reasons Android fans keep coming to the XDA forums is to find new ways to design their phones. Fortunately, for devices that aren’t significantly unlocked, you can go ahead and make extensive tweaks, including those built from a completely different Android chassis. 1st member of XDA RKBD I felt the same way and wanted to spice up the emoji experience. Thanks to his work, you can now start using emojis from Samsung’s Android 13-based One UI 5 on any device if you have root access.

Some people are excited about the new hardware and software releases, but it’s important not to forget the new emoji being brought to the Android world. Samsung usually introduces a new set of emojis with every important Single UI update. This year, the company will likely continue the tradition with One UI 5 on top of Android 13. While the fifth One UI revision has yet to get a general roadmap even for its beta look, RKBD has managed to get hold of the relevant font file that contains the emojis. New from a pre-release hasn’t been released, courtesy of 9to5GoogleMax Weinbach and Dylan Russell.

A brief refresher on the relationship between Samsung’s emoji implementation and Unicode standards: The current stable One UI 4 interface (based on Android 12) includes builds from the Unicode Emoji 13.1 collection of September 2020. The upcoming One UI 5 appears to be based on Emoji 14.0.2 Updatewhich was approved in September 2021 along with Unicode 14.0.

Here’s a quick look at the emoji style included in One UI 5’s font resources:

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Samsung One UI 5 emoji set

How to get One UI 5 emojis on any Android device

To install One UI 5 emojis on your rooted Android phone, you will have to update the specially designed Magisk module. The module will replace the target device’s emoji font file in a “no system” manner with the file containing the new emojis that will appear in Samsung’s upcoming One UI release. Notably, the module will work on any Android device, and does not require Android 13.

  1. Before getting started, make sure that your Android device Rooted with the latest version of Magisk.
  2. Download the Magisk module for the One UI 5 emoji pack from the author’s thread (linked below).
    • If you downloaded it on a PC or Mac, connect your Android device to it and copy the downloaded ZIP file to the internal memory of the target device.
  3. Open the Magisk app on your phone and go to File units Tab using the bottom navigation menu.
  4. Click on the button labeled Install from storage.
  5. Browse and select the ZIP module you downloaded earlier.
  6. Magisk will now install the module and prompt you to restart.
  7. After restarting, open the Magisk app again and take a look at the . file units tab. The One UI 5 emoji module you are flashing should be listed under the file installed Section.
  8. Turn on the keyboard and check out the new emojis!

Download RKBD’s One UI 5 Emoji Magisk module

As you can see, the process Change emojis on Android Not a very difficult exercise. In the event that you want to go back again, just disable (or uninstall) the Magisk module, restart, and you’ll have your stock emoji back in no time.

One thing to keep in mind is that One UI 5’s emoji style is only visible in those parts of the user interface, which use the operating system’s emoji font. Many applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, etc. use their own patterns, and therefore do not necessarily reflect the new emojis. Furthermore, if the destination device and/or platform does not include support for Unicode 14.0 emojis, they will not be rendered correctly on the receiving end.

Would you rather install custom emojis or just use the included ones? Let us know in the comments section below.

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