Her mother fell into psychosis - and now Maria Buck is making a movie about the experience

Maria Buck previously portrayed her relationship with her mother’s mental illness in the documentary Mother is God from 2013. She is now making her first feature film with Psykos in Stockholm, which is also based on her own experience.

In the film, a mother and daughter travel to Stockholm to celebrate their daughter’s 14th birthday. Already on the train, the mother begins to act differently – she eventually suffers from psychosis and is hospitalized. The daughter is left alone to discover Stockholm.

I missed myself seeing this relationship reflected in the movies, to see a different relationship between a mother and her daughter, says Maria Buck.

She describes a mother as a complex personality.

She’s amusing but at the same time acting heartbreaking, but you’re not sure a mother always wants the best for her daughter, says Maria Buck.

Subjective experiences

Psykos in Stockholm opened the Gothenburg Film Festival in January. The film is based on Maria Buck’s own experiences of a psychotic mother. She previously portrayed her relationship with her mother in the documentary Mother is God from 2013, which was her project to obtain a degree from the Danish Film School.

For me, it was normal to work with something close to my core, but then the final movie isn’t about me and my mom, it’s about the specific relationship in the movie, she says.

Personality in art

The use of resume materials is sometimes considered integrity sensitive. Norwegian authors Carl of Knusgaard and Vidjes Hayworth received criticism from their relatives after their self-novel books were published.

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Maria Buck has also been met with skepticism.

– I remember a movie mixed up in which one of the producers said, “If you make this movie, you won’t be able to make a movie again.” “Men who write literature can do it,” said Maria Buck. “Leave it to Knausgaard.”

You wonder why portraying a character in art is such a delicate matter.

I think it’s a lot about strange ideas in the movie world, about what’s beautiful and what’s status, and I don’t quite understand that, says Maria Buck.

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