Helena Bergstrom is directing a new movie for Netflix

Dancing Queens is the name of a new drama directed by Helena Bergström that will be launched internationally on Netflix.

Actors ready for the film are Molly Nutley, Mary Goranzon, Claes Malberg, Christopher Walter, Raquel Warmlander, Ann Westin, Max Olfson, Matthias Nordkvist, Rasmus Nystrom, Andre Christenson, Emil Almen, Frederick Robertson, Robertska, Dominican. And Frederick Quinnons, who both made their acting debut and are also choreographers for the movie.

The story revolves around Dylan Peterson (Molly Nutley), a 23-year-old girl from a small island in the Swedish archipelago with big dance aspirations. When talking about cleaning up at a struggling Queen’s club, star dancer and choreographer (Frederick Quinones) accidentally discovered Dylan’s talent. She desperately wants to be a part of the show, but she’s a girl – which is a pull show. However, wherever there is a will, there is a way


Helena Bergstrom for the movie:

The positive energy from Netflix was overwhelming. Getting that kind of support for the movie and knowing that Dancing Queens will reach a global audience is a dream. I really look forward to this exciting new journey full of wonder, humanity and love.

The movie will be shown on Netflix 2021.

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