Hectic for FVB in the UK

FVB in the United Kingdom went through a difficult period with the implementation of two large district heating projects.

FVB conducted a study to further develop a larger district heating network that would use the residual heat from the waste incineration plant. The system has been designed for a heating effect of up to 30 MW and the plant will supply heat to both residential buildings and commercial properties in Convoys Wharf in south-east London. The project receives HNIP (Thermal Network Investment Project) funding of approximately 5 million pounds sterling.

FVB also carried out the design work for the necessary modification of the waste incineration plant to enable more heat dissipation from the steam turbine and preparation for a peak loading plant of 40 MW. FVB’s future role in projects is to design facilities in detail and provide technical support.

– These are important projects for FVB in the UK. This means that we are working with Veolia for the first time and have won the mission in intense competition with major consulting firms. Peter Rossett, President of FVB UK, explains that the team we have formed of engineers from UK and Sweden demonstrates the cutting edge experience and expertise we can offer.

FVB in UK also received a major assignment from PPC installation contractor (Build Installer Project).

The assignment relates to designing central heating lines and customer centers for “The Embassy Quarter” in London, where the ultimate customer is ENGiE, a major energy company. This project also includes consultants from FVBS offices in the UK and Sweden.

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Both projects demonstrate that at FVB we have great breadth and great energy expertise, but are also strong through our close cooperation between the British and Swedish teams, says Peter Rosette.

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