He reunited Jordan’s King Abdullah and Prince Hamzah

King Abdullah confirmed, on Wednesday, the end of the crisis in Jordan. On Sunday, he was also seen in public with his half-brother Prince Hamzah as the two attended a joint ceremony in the capital, Amman, to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the emirate of Transjordan.

Joint appearance It wasn’t long after Prince Hamzah on April 3 brought powerful corruption allegations against the country’s king.

– He has reached a point where no one is allowed to speak or express his opinions about anything without being pressured, arrested, harassed or threatened, he said, among other things.

Hamzah also claimed that he was placed under house arrest after the army chief of staff told him that he was not allowed to leave or communicate with others. The military denied claims that the prince was placed under house arrest, but said he was asked to suspend activities that “could endanger Jordan’s security and stability.”

In connection with Prince Hamzah Attention: Up to 20 people have been arrested and rumors of a coup d’état surfaced during the riots. The Jordanian government, in turn, accused Prince Hamzah of plotting with “foreign powers” to destabilize Jordan. Something the Prince denied.

On Monday, a few days after the accusations leveled against King Abdullah, Prince Hamzah wrote in a letter promising allegiance to the King of Jordan and now – less than a week later, they have appeared together in public.

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So the competing battalions ended up feuding with each other in the royal house – it could throw Jordan into disarray.

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