He is now the most powerful man in Washington

The distribution is 50-50 in the US Senate between Republicans and Democrats after the November elections. In the event of a stalemate, the Democratic Vice President of the Senate, Kamala Harris, casts the decisive vote. But the man seen as the true wave maker is Senator Joe Manchine.

The West Virginia senator has already opposed the party line within the Democrats on several occasions, most recently with plans to raise the bottom line. Democrats want to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour, but Mansion refuses to go over $ 11. The conservative values ​​of Manchine are raising significant frustration among the more liberal than the Democrats in the Senate, according to him CNN.

It’s a Democratic version of John McCain. I say it partly as a joke, partly because it is true. It’s hard to influence Joe. Democratic Senator John Tester says he’s dancing on his own pipe.

“Joe likes to be in the middle of things.”

Manchin’s position of the authority is clear after the elections. Senator Brian Schatz recently called him “Smoke.” Mansheen has held several two-way meetings with President Joe Biden in recent weeks.

– I did not choose this position, Manshin commented on his role as Moggi.

But some colleagues in the Senate believe he does not appear to be suffering directly.

Joe likes to be in the middle of the action. If you’re not sure what he’s doing, Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito says just turn on the TV and it’s there.

Mansheen admitted that he often takes part in elections and qualifiers before how he will vote in the Senate. He does not hide behind a chair frustrated by the political game in Washington.

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– This place sucks, Mansheen said of the Senate.

Republican Senator: “You can trust Joe.”

Mansheen has already gone through many changes to the Biden administration’s stimulus plans in the Senate, most recently in collaboration with Republican Senator Susan Collins. And during the last marathon session of the Senate, it was Mansion who made the decision over and over again – voting with the Republicans.

You can trust Joe, this is my experience. If he gives you his word, he will keep it. Republican Senator Susan Collins says it cannot be easy for him to be part of a political group in which the leader puts tremendous pressure on all members to follow the party line.

It has been suggested that Manchine should do so Better fit in the GOP There is no doubt among colleagues about who is now the single largest power factor in the Senate.

Most likely when it comes to voting with the Republicans? I’d say Joe, says Democratic Sen. Tim Kane.

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