Hard to fall asleep? Here’s the worst mistake …

1 of 2: Sleeping 8 hours a night is a myth

Hard to fall asleep?  Don't stay in bed.

2 of the 2: Difficulty falling asleep? Don’t stay in bed.
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Everyone has trouble falling asleep from time to time, which is totally normal.

However, many make it worse without knowing it.

Here, sleep expert Rebecca Robins reveals one of the worst mistakes you can make while sleeping.

You’re totally exhausted after a hard day’s work, and finally put your head on the pillow for a bit of long-awaited sleep.

Suddenly you’re totally awake and no matter how many things you get in, you just lie down and ditch yourself – hour after hour.

Do you know yourself?

According to Rebecca Robins, a sleep expert at Harvard Medical School, this is exactly what you should avoid if you want to sleep well.

It is one of the biggest mistakes many of us make. When we have trouble falling asleep, we stay in bed and turn around and turn around hoping to fall asleep if we stay a little longer, she tells the site. Good and good.

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Don’t stay in bed

In fact, it may have the opposite effect. According to Robins, we know the brain that a bed is a place where we have a hard time falling asleep. Not a calm and harmonious area where we slide into the world of sleep.

If you dispose of yourself, it is best to leave the bed, even if it bothers you.

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In this way, you restore the brain and give it a new sleep.

Get up and do something that does not require any intellectual activity. Fold the laundry and remove the dishes. Read a few pages of a really boring book. When you feel tired again, Robbins says, go back to bed and try again.

However, flashing lights, such as those emanating from your phone, should be avoided, as this may affect your ability to sleep.

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It usually takes that long to fall asleep

How long should you wait before getting out of bed and giving up? There are no specific answers to this question, but at least most people do not sleep at the same time as they rest their heads on the pillow.

According to Robins, it takes about 15 minutes for the resting person to fall asleep. If you start to hear an inner voice saying, “No, not again, I can’t sleep, I can’t sleep”, it is time to wake up.

Other triggers that can interfere with your sleep are your intake of caffeine, how close to bedtime you eat, when and how difficult it is for you to exercise each day.

In some cases, there is no identifiable cause for your sleep problems and that is perfectly fine. Some nights are worse than others.

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