“Happiness is the sunrise at the fishing tower”

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The image of a commander named Ulf Kristersson of complete happiness is a sunrise in a fishing tower. Another party’s most admired politician is Liberal Party leader Nyamko Saboni. And never lies.

Christerson answers this in the form of the Omni interview with Almedalen, in which, inspired by the Proust Questionnaire, we asked for quick answers to a number of different questions.

Read all the answers below.

Undoubtedly a great question. Children’s joy. convergence. Sunrise at a fishing tower. Good book in front of the fire. end of the tilt path.

Tomorrow I am too much, and too little today.

Vinyl records, fishing gear, ties.

Not at all, it’s wrong and it doesn’t work. In fact, the truth always works.

Many things. I would like to be a drummer in a rock band. I wanted to be a surgeon. And everyone wants to be better as a husband and a father.

Somme Person – Robert F Kennedy.

Now my new music system. And my reading chair.


I just read “The Lion Cage” by Ulrica Karenborg and choose between Axel Oxensterna and Queen Christina…

Nothing bothers me, but in the little things: what if I could speak all the languages ​​I read…

Children of course. But also that our belief in reason and science ends.

Loyalty, wisdom and willingness to go to fire and water.

Of course, his wife Birgitta, who soon began a new mission in life, as a priestess.

Photographer, doctor or gymnastics coach.

Yes to classes at school! Others wanted to cancel it.

Nyamko Sabuni, who has fought over and over for what she truly believes in.

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Now many parties can have the adult conversation with each other. The Moderates are the coalition party that can deal with everyone on various issues.

Crime and government formation solve more problems than they create.

During Almedalen Week, Omni asks questions to party leaders alike. Interviews are inspired by Vanity Fair’s Prost Questionnaire and are posted regularly during the week.

Questions were put to all party leaders in Parliament. Stefan Lofven (small), Ebba Bosch (KD) and Jimmy Akesson (SD) declined to participate.

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