Great powers’ interest in the Arctic could threaten the environment – Echo News

The more concern – economic and political interests – you can say there is a greater danger to the environment, says Finnish President Sauli Niinistö.

He’s talked a lot about how vulnerable he is when it comes to climate change and the Arctic. But the great powers, China, Russia, and the United States often view the Arctic from a different perspective: this includes geopolitics, potential new transportation routes, and untapped natural resources.

We know very well that there are great Chinese interests, and also that the United States, first and foremost, does not like them at all, and Russia is in the middle. Then we have the North Club and Canada too. We might have a different way of thinking about the Arctic, says Niinistö.

Niinisto has it He has raised several times issues related to Arctic and climate change with US President Donald Trump, most recently in early October during a meeting at the White House. Niinistö spoke mainly of soot, or more specifically black soot particles and their effect on melting sea ice. He says the letter was well received.

I was very happy a couple of years ago because President Trump, after you talked about soot, said he hadn’t heard such a logical environmental argument and he remembered very well the first discussion and we had a joint declaration where we both said that you should somehow prevent the soot, says Niinisto.

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