Great joy at the Malmö City Awards 2021!

One year after the pandemic broke, we are excited to announce the winners of the Best Shop, Café & Restaurant of the Year in Malmö. In normal cases, the winners are revealed in a physical ceremony, this year the setting was somewhat different. Together with our main partners Sydsvenskan and Lokaltidningen, the winners were surprised by giant balloons, winning checks and congratulations. It was an atmospheric party and wanderlust!

Overall Winner – Jury Motives:

Store of the Year: A Taste of Britain
“When you walk in the door, you have left town and traveled abroad. In the background, the British radio is on, merchandise neatly arranged and reflected. As you inhale the feeling of warmth and comfort, your gaze is met with a big smile and the BBC radio is flooded with a happy ‘Welcome!’ from the staff As well as a trip outside inside, Taste of Britain also provides insight into how to best run a store. The wide range not only gives you a taste of Great Britain, professional service, efficiency and authenticity give you the full experience!”

Cafe of the Year: Slottsträdgårdens Kafé
“Here you step into a harmonious place, green and thriving, a stone’s throw from the pulse of the city. The menu is well thought out and beautifully made, with something to suit everyone’s taste and liking. Here, it is not only the environment that is welcoming – despite the large serving space, the staff sees all An individual and feel important and visionary. The level of ambition is high with everything from special products and clear environmental thinking, to the many creative ideas that lead to great experiences that create wonderful memories.”

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Restaurant of the Year: Soho
You enter an elegant, clean and fantastically fresh room with a relaxing atmosphere. The feeling is exclusive and you are well welcomed by the staff who provide very high class service, they are professional, polite and humble. The food was beautifully prepared and made with great talent and care. After the first bite, our eyebrows are raised and we are dazzled by the blend of flavors that create fireworks for our taste buds. The staff, atmosphere and food make this one of the best we’ve had in a long time and we can’t wait to visit SOHO again soon. “

Malmö Citysamverkan also gives personal awards to managers and employees of the city of Malmö.

“We want to raise the bar for the people who work every day in the city’s development in terms of leadership and service. That is why we are very proud to present these awards,” said Pia Sandin, CEO of Malmö Citysamverkan.

Service Star of the Year: Gustav Ottosson – Pilot
Recommended by Daniel Skild, founder and owner of PELOTE with the following motivation:

Gustav is magically committed to customers and they feel it. Someone described it as eating in a really nice restaurant with the service, care and skills he has. With humility, humor, and plenty of knowledge, he guides his clients through a series of decisions they must make about their costume in a wonderful way, filled with care and warmth, so that the results become something that will bring joy for many years to come. Clients called us and thanked us for being there and they mean Gustav.”

Leading Star of the Year: Ingvar Ryggesjö – Travelshop
Colleague Emil Walter recommended it with the following motivation:

“Ingvar is a handy entrepreneur who runs his entire business with amazing energy and confidence in his employees. It is a unique experience working with Ingvar and many unforgettable moments. Whether it is a phone call or something else, we have never heard him say no.

It’s really a positive feeling that you get every time he hangs up the phone and says “what fun with more work!”. Ingvar is first in action and last out. We feel safe to always have it as a sound board and are always sure to get the help we need. Ingvar takes pride in coming to work and protecting it to create the best possible service that always makes him a guiding star in our eyes.”

backgroundSince 2006, Malmö Citysamverkan has given Store of the Year to committed retailers, and since 2011 the award has also been given to Cafe and Restaurant of the Year. In 2014, the Leading Star and Service Star of the Year awards were added.

Process: The public was able to vote in shops, cafes and restaurants in Malmö. Then, the jury visited the three activities in each category that got the most votes. A jury made up of representatives from ia City of Malmö, Business Bureau, Malmö Citysamverkan, Sydsvenskan and Lokaltidningen judged each finalist according to a number of pre-determined criteria such as signage, accessibility, sustainability, local commitment, concept, service and a winner nomination.

Ledstjärna in Malmö is an award given by Malmö Citysamverkan to a person nominated by an employee or other person. A mentoring star must be able to engage its employees and be active in its area and, through cooperation, be a driving force for downtown development as well as its own operations.

City managers have been given the opportunity to nominate their employees for Service Star of the Year, which they believe provides service beyond the norm. This is a great way to raise the people who work every day to provide really good service to the visitors of the city.

For more information about Malmö City AwardsContact: Felicia Jacobsen, Malmö Citysamverkan, mobile 0733 30 70 18. For a statement from our CEO, Pia Sandin, call 0733 30 70 15.

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