Great Britain without a chance against the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic got off to a rough start, just like Tre Kronor, when they fell to both the Russian team and Switzerland at the start. Now, however, they have turned. The team’s third consecutive win against Great Britain came after a convincing 6-1 victory, which means it passes Tre Kronor in the playoffs.

Britain resisted for just over twelve minutes. When they could no longer get the disc out of their area, Lucas Kluck sent World Cup newcomer Lucas Kluck 1-0 behind Jackson’s hidden whistle.

32 seconds into the middle of the period, Philip Hronck stretched on his own. After a delightful tunnel on a hill, Hronek raised the stretch with a backhand stroke.

“There is no other condition”

The British, who fell 1-4 to Tre Kronor on Friday, were unable to deliver a real fight. Instead, the Czech Republic scored their third (Libor Solak) and fourth (Philip Schietel) goals before the surprise team could cheer, when Matthew Myers contracted in the second minute of the second half. Liam Kirk, top scorer for the team and championship at the time of writing, with a second assistant.

Kirk said during the break against SVT that it was a very important goal, the Czechs are an incredibly good team, and admitted that last week’s matches had affected them:

– There are many matches in a short period and many matches in the team they did not play last season, so they have no other condition.

The match ended 6-1. Thus, the Czechs climbed to fourth and final place in the quarter-finals after five matches.

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