Gothenburg on its way to Sweden’s gold

Two penalties within two minutes.

At the start it was Felde Boy Ressa who tried from a distance of 11 meters in the 30th minute. A long shot – according to referee Sarah Pearson – hit the arm of a VIK player Uppsala. Goalkeeper Emma Holmgren made a good save for FeldĂ© Bui Risa.

Julia Zigiotti Olme was given a chance to turn some things around. She was cold and hit the ball right next to the unimpressed Emma Holmgren.

Nice goal from Hammarlund

Before the first half ended, Gothenburg’s team increased to 2-0. It was a delicacy from Pauline Hammarlund that beautifully lifted the ball over the Uppsala goalkeeper.

– I see the goalkeeper is way too far, and I think I should get over it, Hammarlund told SVT Sport.

Stena Blacksteins scored 3-0 in the 56th minute. A really good result for Gothenburg considering that RosengĂ„rd didn’t come home against Kristianstad, the team fell 1-2.

– It’s always good to get three points, all points count now.

‘A lot could happen’

There is a four point difference between Gutenberg and Rosengard.

– We focus on our country. If we win the remaining matches, that will be enough, and that is what we will do, says Hammarlund.

– We know where we want to be. You shouldn’t float away, it’s four matches. It seems a little, but there’s a lot that can go wrong.

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