Gothenburg is applying for the Literature Prize

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) established its network of creative cities in 2004. The aim was to support international cooperation between cities that “identified creativity as a strategic factor for sustainable urban development,” according to the Gutenberg App.

The Creative Cities network is further divided into different regions. Cities can apply for the award for topics like film, design, or gastronomy. But also the literature Gutenberg is pursuing now.

To be included In the network there are no fees required. On the one hand, cities are expected to participate in long-term and sustainable work in and for the network. The city will be represented by officials and politicians, but it will be done in cooperation with, for example, academics, authors, business people and publishers in Gothenburg.

The decision to apply for the UNESCO Prize was initially made in 2019, but was postponed until this year when the preparatory work had not had time. If nominated, Gothenburg could join the same crowd as Barcelona, ​​Melbourne, and Beirut, to name a few.

The Culture Committee in Gothenburg has allocated 1 million kronor annually by the municipality to meet the requirements set by UNESCO. In addition, the board may seek external shareholders.

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