Google’s new technology could make it available to e-merchants: “calculated”

Google announced that it will redesign the technology that limits the ads shown to users. By the end of 2022, support for third-party cookies will be removed, which in practice means that those looking for new headphones will not have to see headphone ads on all of the sites they visit next.

A radical change not least competitors. Google itself will continue to track user behavior on its own sites.

You do not have to accept being tracked across the web to enjoy the benefits of relevant ads. David Timken, director of product management at Ads Pricacy and Trust, said in a statement that advertisers do not need to track individual consumers online to reap the benefits of digital advertising.

When the changes take effect, Google will use “Federal Learning of Cohorts,” a technology that collects and analyzes user site habits at the group level, rather than on an individual basis in the Google Chrome browser.

Google says it wants to contribute to the openness and accessibility of the Internet while increasing privacy for users. But as mentioned earlier, the changes for themselves will be much smaller than those of the other actors.

It appears to be a calculated and strategic decision by Google to work proactively on this. This will affect competitors more than Google itself as Google will continue to track the behavior on its own sites. Google already has more than 2 billion first-party profiles, meaning logged in profiles, says Karl Lindberg, at AdRelibility, of Ehandel.

The change will reach e-retailers, for example, says Peter Mackey, a media expert at Swedish Advertisers.

When third-party cookies disappear from the browser, which relies on a large amount of ads today, so too do big opportunities for advertisers and media agencies that use the technology, he says. SvD.


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