Google risks $ 5 billion in fines after collecting data in incognito mode

After a class action lawsuit was filed in June of last year, a lawsuit was filed in federal court in San Jose, California, with Google demanding the equivalent of 43 billion crowns in damages. According to the claimant, Google must have unauthorized data via the Chrome browser despite the incognito mode and the information about what is saved in the incognito mode was misleading.

Google confirmed at the time that users were clearly informed that Incognito did not make users’ activity invisible and that it did not guarantee that certain activity could not be tracked. So they applied to dismiss the entire case immediately.

Now a California federal court has turned down Google’s request. The decision states that Google has not been considered to inform its users clearly enough about how the Incognito mode works and what data is being collected. However, this does not mean that the case is closed, but only that the legal process continues.

Google still claims that it has done nothing wrong and that all data collection information is included in the Privacy Policy that users agree to when using Chrome as their browser. In another statement the edge Google spokesperson José Castañeda says they will “defend themselves aggressively” and will continue to challenge the mood.

Although Google should be brought to justice, the decision is only the beginning of a long process. A class action lawsuit has to take into account many different parties and the increasing complexity means it will likely take several years before the final stage is reached.

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