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Google Pixel’s Call Screen gets a simpler Protection level menu

Google Pixel’s Call Screen is one of the best features of Google Pixel phones. It does a great job of automatically blocking spam and robocalls. In addition, you also have the option to manually filter a call when you want to know why the person is calling. On the Pixel 6 and 7 series, you get automatic call detection, so your phone can magically screen calls and block unwanted calls, saving you time. To make your experience even better, Google is rolling out a small tweak to the Call Screen settings menu, consolidating the various display options in a better way.

Until now, the Google Phone app provided granular controls on the call screen for different types of incoming calls: spam, possibly spoofed numbers, first-time calls, and private or hidden calls. Depending on your preferences, your Pixel could reject the call silently, automatically screen the call and reject robocalls, or make your phone ring.

Google has now consolidated all these options under a single Protection Level menu with three options: Maximum, Medium, and Basic. If you only want to decline known spam calls, you need to use the Basic protection level for Call Screen. While Medium and Maxmium options reject spam calls, the former will also screen suspicious calls. When using the Maximum protection level, your Pixel will display all unknown numbers.

The new Protection Level menu is less granular than before, but this is actually a good change as it makes Call Screen less intimidating for new users. Power users, however, might not be happy with this change.

Android Police News Editor Dallas Thomas got the new Call Screen Protection Level menu in the Phone app v106.0.534575879. The rollout seems to be limited right now, as others from our team are not seeing the option yet with there only being one report on Reddit about this change.



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