Google Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max both receive Netflix support

Two Google smart screens, Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, have been expanded with Netflix support. This news was revealed on Tuesday and allows Netflix content to be streamed either through other devices or with the help of the Google Assistant.

Currently support is relatively limited A few countries Google has chosen to launch its Nest Hub units, which include Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

For Netflix casting to work, the user first needs to connect the Netflix account to the Google Assistant. Instructions for this are available in part at Netflix And partly through The Google.

For users who have already connected their Netflix account to the Google Assistant, simply tap the cast icon in the Netflix app and then select any screen from Nest or ask the assistant to play the content on the screen.

Dark crystal (2019) on Hub Max via Pixel 4

The Nest Hub Max, introduced in September in the US, has not yet found its way to the Nordic countries, but it is available in France and the UK, among others. For those who do not want to wait, but want to import a device into Sweden, various methods are discussed in the Swedish forum.

For those of you who have a Nest display in your possession, we wonder if Netflix support is working as expected and if it’s suitable for you to cast on other devices and via Google Assistant.

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