Google may provide the upcoming Android 12 version and trash

Like most computer operating systems, Android, since version 11, has a recycle bin where you can choose to get rid of files and documents that can then be recovered instead of permanently deleting them. To be able to use the function in Android 11, applications must use an API called MediaStore API, so the recycle bin function is only available through applications that use this API.

In Android 12, it now looks as if the recycle bin function may appear as a clearer function, that is, as a user you will be able to see the files in the recycle bin. It also seems that the functionality may become more nested, i.e. you can go directly to the recycle bin and see which files are there, from all the apps that you have dumped files from. It also appears that it will be possible to empty the Recycle Bin from this entry, but it is more doubtful if what you discarded can be recovered.

According to XDA, who found the feature in an unofficial version of Android 12, it does not seem that Google will create a dedicated recycle bin, which is present in our computers, but the files will remain with the various applications. Applications that want this feature must continue to use the MediaStore API as well, which means that some applications will still only have a “delete” option, which means that you will not be able to recover files.

These are the things I found in an early Android 12 release that hasn’t yet been released, so it remains to be seen if it will actually come out in the future.

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