Google has been sued for failing to fulfill Stadia’s 4K promises

Compensation is required and this resolution and frame rate are printed.

Google has been sued for overstating the image quality of Stadia games, States

According to the app, before launching at the end of 2019, Google misled customers with promises that all Stadia games would be streamed in 4K. The service should also have been described as more powerful than the Xbox One X and PS 4 Pro, and Id Software and Bungie should have helped reinforce this information.

But shortly before the launch, Google changed the 4K data, especially if the service was used with less bandwidth. In this way, the incorrect information prompted customers to commit to serving according to the claim. It is also said that early customers practically became beta testers before the free version of Stadia was released approximately six months later.

This is what was stated in the lawsuit:

Google has made false and misleading claims about Stadia’s live broadcast quality in order to increase revenue for Google’s Stadia division.

Those who submitted the app want compensation for Stadia buyers, and Google clearly sets the resolution and frame rate for Stadia Games. It is not known how Google will respond to the allegations. The whole suit Read here.

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