“Godzilla vs Kong” is this year’s first biological hit Movie Zain

A monster hit the screens of American cinema – but the Swedish premiere will take longer.

The public seems to be more than ready to return to the theaters, at least it shows the US premiere of “Godzilla vs Kong” last week. The new monster movie grossed $ 48.5 million at the US box office during its first five days – the biggest movie since the pandemic broke out in more than a year.

Of course, it helps that more and more cinemas in the United States have been able to open. “Godzilla vs Kong” has been shown in more than 3000 cinemas with a 50 percent audience capacity.

Global revenue now stands at $ 285 million, he writes diverse.

At the same time that “Godzilla vs Kong” was released in US cinemas, it also continued to air on HBO Max. However, the strong cinema returns show that many have missed trying a bloated, stupid movie and eating popcorn on the movie screen.

– The global reception of the film in cinemas is a positive sign of cinema visits as people look to entertainment in a post-pandemic world, Legendary Mary Parent studio vice president commented.

However, the question is to what extent the film was simultaneously affected by piracy, as it still cannot be shown in several countries. Here in Sweden, “Godzilla vs Kong” will only be shown in theaters when Filmstaden opens and the audience ceiling is raised – which will likely not happen until May.

The longer the Swedish show, the more curious the viewers will be to find the film in alternative and illegal ways. The logic of Warner Bros. Make the film on video-on-demand available here as well, as soon as possible.

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