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Giuliani is reported to be seeking $ 20,000 in daily payment for Trump’s legal actions

Rudolf Giuliani, who helped oversee a series of unsuccessful judicial appeals to President Trump beats In the election, the president’s campaign was asked to pay him $ 20,000 a day for his legal work, several people briefed on the matter said.

The request has drawn opposition from some of Mr Trump’s aides and advisers, who appear to have ruled out paying that sum, and it is not clear how much Mr Giuliani will ultimately be compensated.

Since Mr. Giuliani took over the legal effort, Mr. Trump has suffered from A. A series of defeats in court Lawyers deal with some of the remaining cases Have dropped out.

The rate of $ 20,000 a day would have made Mr. Giuliani, a former New York City mayor who was Trump’s personal attorney for several years, among the most profitable attorneys anywhere.

After contacting him by phone, Mr. Giuliani vehemently denied asking him too much.

“I never asked for $ 20,000,” Mr. Giuliani said, adding that the president volunteered to make sure he got paid after the cases ended. “The order is, we’ll work on it finally.”

He added that whoever said he had requested $ 20,000 per day was “a liar, a complete liar.”

There is little or no possibility for any of the remaining legal cases overseen by Mr Giuliani to alter the outcome in any of the states Mr Trump is still fighting in court, not to mention overturning President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. The Electoral College and the popular vote win over. Some Trump allies fear Mr Giuliani is encouraging the president to continue a phony legal battle because he sees a financial advantage for himself in it.

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The Trump campaign has created a legal defense fund and is said to be raising large sums to continue legal appeals in places like Pennsylvania and Georgia.

A Trump campaign spokesman did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Mr Giuliani sought compensation for his work dating back to the day after Election Day, when Mr Trump got started publicly Allegedly, he won Despite the results, according to people familiar with the request, they requested anonymity to speak about the sensitive discussions.

At $ 20,000 a day, Mr. Giuliani’s rate would be higher than the best attorneys in Washington and New York who could pay up to $ 15,000 a day if they were spending all of their time working with a client.

Mr Trump’s insistence that widespread voter fraud cost him the election It has no basis in reality But he raised doubts about the outcome among his base, including some who protested violently last weekend in Washington.

Mr Giuliani encouraged Mr Trump to believe a number of conspiracy theories about voting machine irregularities, according to people close to the president who were not authorized to discuss the talks publicly. Late last week, Mr Giuliani repeatedly insisted to the president that his other advisers had not told him the truth about his chances of success in his legal battles to overturn the election results.

Last Friday, when Mr. Trump’s legal battle in Arizona appeared to be fading when the campaign dropped a lawsuit in Maricopa County, Arizona, doomed to failure, the President appointed Mr. Giuliani responsible for all lawsuits and election-related communications for it.

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On Monday, the day before a A master hearing in a lawsuit in federal court in PennsylvaniaTwo people familiar with the events said that Mr. Giuliani fired the lawyer leading the case. That left Mr.Trump’s team scrambling to find a replacement. The local attorney handling the case now referred to Mr. Biden as the winner of the election and said the lawsuits would not alter that outcome.

The judge in the case refused Monday night to postpone the hearing despite the Trump team’s request. On Tuesday morning, Mr. Giuliani told the Pennsylvania court that he would personally represent the President’s case.

Starting in April 2018, in the midst of the Mueller investigation, Mr. Giuliani began representing Mr. Trump for free as his personal attorney. Although Mr. Giuliani said he did not provide anything from Mr. Trump, it did give him direct access to the president and his administration – access that Mr. Giuliani used to help his other clients, including directors of foreign companies under investigation by the Department of Justice.

After the Mueller investigation concluded in April 2019, Mr. Giuliani continued his work on behalf of Mr.Trump, focusing on trying to develop harmful information in Ukraine about Biden’s son, Hunter – an effort that ultimately led to The House of Representatives impeaches Mr. Trump.

Last year, the intelligence community warned the White House about this Mr. Giuliani became the target of Operation Foreign Influence By the Russian government, which was seeking to provide him with false information in hopes of undermining Biden’s presidential campaign.

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The president refused to allow a formal transition from department to department to begin, preventing Mr. Biden’s team from reaching the agencies he would be responsible for and from receiving briefings on the pandemic and the nation’s national security threats. National security experts said this could leave the Biden administration at a disadvantage as it takes over the government in January, and Mr. Biden said the delay could be costly in treating the spreading coronavirus pandemic.

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