Gerhardson ahead of the US meeting: ‘an ideal location’

When Sweden faces the best national team in the world in Friends Square tomorrow, the captain of the national team sees Blogolt as having a “perfect position”. All 25 players have trained fully in recent days and many foreign professionals have shown good form in their club teams.

Peter Gerhardson says: We have to err a lot to beat such a strong opponent, but I think both I and the players have a feeling that we can win.

Burning loss

With the upcoming Olympics, it is soon to turn the clock back to the last Olympic Games in Rio 2016. Sweden then won a penalty shootout against the ISA in the quarter-finals – a loss that still hurts the national team, which has now scored 37 successive victories.

– This obviously hurts them a lot, considering we did it in the Olympics. They know we are a very good team and they respect us. But they should have forgotten that match instead of talking about it, says captain Caroline Seager.

Chelsea defender Magdalena Erikson would like to see another win over the big team but she doesn’t think that’s the main thing tomorrow.

If you can beat the best team in the world it will be a big boost, but the most important thing is what the match picture looks like. We take that with us. The most important thing is that we are the best in the Olympics.

SVT Expert: “Every Minute Counts”

SVT expert Markus Johannson believes Gerhardson will play with eleven teams as close as possible to a regular Olympic team.

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He might want to test players but not replace the entire team but place a player or players as close to a regular team as possible so that they have a fair environment. I agree with that. As a new player, it’s hard to get into eleven completely new players and try to perform in an Olympic venue.

Johansson also believes that this group, with Poland also awaiting Tuesday, is very important.

– I think the whole group is very important to the upcoming group in June, it is too late. Then it comes down to presenting the series and staying injury-free. But every minute you appear in front of the captain of the national team is very important because very few players are allowed to go to the Olympics.

SVT broadcasts Sweden-USA Channel at SVT2 / Play 19.00 on Saturdays.

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