From criticism of the organizers and Fez after poor interruptions in Fallon, the Norwegian world champion, the British coach feared incidents: “Safety is very bad” | Sports

“Totally crazy,” the British captain calls for security arrangements around the track in Fallon. The Musketeers criticize the order and Hans Krister Holland is scared.

Sharp words appear after the men’s fans in the Ski World Cup kick off. A number of critical accidents clinch the race – the worst was about to go to Andrew Young.

The British are said to have fled, crying for help. At least from a broken thigh bone. This message means that Young has not thrown the towel in connection with the start of the World Cup in a few weeks.

At the moment he’s in pain, but he lets you dream, says the captain of the British national team Jostein Vinjerui to NRK.

It’s a patch on wounds after a messy men’s race in Fallon.

– Many of them ruined their race today. We scared it off and talked about it before we started, Vinjerui says according to VG.

Easy courses

The consequences of a collective start revolve around flawed safety arrangements on the track. In the narrow and fast curves there was only a fence and a small advertising skirt as protection.

– The safety of the riders is very poor. The fence greeted them. It’s totally insane. Elsewhere, we see regulators who have other security arrangements, Vingery says.

Many skiers reported that driving was dangerous. The tracks were very light and a large group of skiers threw themselves into the curves.

Evo Niskanen and Alberto Hivarinen thought they had reached the finish line unscathed.

One of the skiers who voluntarily chose to cancel was Hans Christer Hollond. The five-mile World Cup 2019 champion did not want to go on the last lap.

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If not for the World Cup in a few weeks, I would have finished. But it is not a good idea to walk around and be afraid of being hurt, He says according to NRK.

Path adjustments will be made

The riders’ opinion was clear. They think the organizers and the International Skating Federation are not taking responsibility when they send the activists into a race like this.

– They know how it will be. They play with our health. It might be fun to watch, but it’s not so fun to ride. Hope they understand that cross country skiing is not about this. Maybe you should check out X Games if you want to see cases, says Holund.

Director of the International Skating Federation Pierre Mingiri tells SVT There will be track modifications for Sunday’s race.

We are on the World Cup course that was designed not long ago. We have had collective kickoff competitions here since 2015. It’s a well-known tournament and most of it has been here since the start of the week. Of course I understand the criticism.

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