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Aaron Sorkin’s experimental drama is being made available to a wider audience to honor those who inspired the film, says the author.

Netflix has chosen to release its original movie “The Trial of the Chicago 7” for free for 48 hours, starting at 09.00 today.

The film tells the true story of a group of American men who were indicted in 1968 after riots in Chicago, which took place as part of the anti-war protests in Vietnam. It’s now 51 years since the trial ended, which is why the streaming service has chosen to show the film to a wider audience.

at Video message Many participants tell how important it is to honor the people who inspired the event, and that we need to highlight the grievances portrayed in the film, as they persist today.

We are honored to share their story with the world, says film director and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin.

The film is also well placed for its upcoming concert season, with 5 Golden Globe nominations. These include Best Drama, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actor Sacha Baron Cohen. The star-studded group also features names like Eddie Redmayne and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

The “Chicago Trial 7” is available at Netflix YouTube CanalAnd it continues until 08.59 hours on Sunday.
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