Foster The People # 1 on Spotify in the USA

After selling seven concerts in Australia, Foster The People in California performed a celebrity gig at the US Lollapalooza Festival this weekend. With teams like Coldplay, Foo Fighters and Muse, it was a strong squad as usual. Among the interesting new works, Foster The People was perhaps the biggest breakthrough when the trio landed 30,000 vocals alongside their summer song “Pumped Up Kicks.” It’s not completely indoctrinated given that the song is on the top of the biggest US radio charts at the moment.

Nobody could get away with launching Spotify in the states earlier this summer. Britney Spears can’t stop tweeting about it and many artists in the world have already posted their favorite playlists. But the most popular one is Foster The People. On Spotify’s top list, Pumped Up Kicks ranked # 1. The debut album “Torches” is also the most streamed album at the moment.

“Pumped Up Kicks” has been ranked # 1 on the alternative radio and modern rock list for seven consecutive weeks. The song has already sold gold over 730,000 copies and is currently selling more than one new singles by artists such as Lady Gaga, Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars.

Earlier this summer, the gray and rainy Hultsfred trio lit up their first Swedish concert and this fall they are on their way to several concerts in Sweden.

Foster The People consists of Mark Foster, Kobe Fink, and Mark Pontius.

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