Former Scandinavian President Casper von Koskoll thinks the European Union has failed to vaccinate: “Finland could have done better alone” | Sweetened

The European Union has failed, removed mistakes under the rug, and perhaps preferred to place the blame on others. The criticism comes from former Nordia CEO Casper von Coskoll, who has already been vaccinated thanks to his second home in London.

After four turbulent years as chief executive of major Nordia bank, Kasper von Coskol retired last year. Today he divides his time between homes in Finland and England.

Having a title in London also proved successful for the 60-year-old Von Coscall.

I had my first dose of the vaccine three weeks ago.

The fact that von Coskoll was able to get the vaccine is due to the fact that the vaccination waiting list in the UK is based on age and that people over the age of 55 are the best to get vaccinated. in the UK Approximately 26 million Britons out of the country’s 67 million inhabitants I have already received a first dose of the vaccine.

Many have asked me about the vaccine I received, but I usually say that this is not the goal. Without the point, you’ve got protection.

Significant differences in the rate of vaccination

Von Coskoll praises how the British coordinated the vaccination campaign.

He believes that one of the reasons the UK performs better than many other countries is that the country no longer belongs to the European Union.

The European Union has handled the vaccine issue very badly. One has failed, broke mistakes under the rug, and may have preferred to place the blame on others.

Boy 3.9 1960 in Tervakoski, mill in Hämeenlinna.

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the family It consists of a wife and two adult children plus a dog and a cat. He divides his time between London and Kotka.

You have one He holds a master’s degree in economics from Hanken, Finland, and a bachelor’s degree in management development from Harvard Business School.

UnderDuring his banking career spanning 35 years, he worked in New York, London, Frankfurt and Stockholm, before returning to Finland in 2018. He has been living abroad since 1987.

2006 Becomes the first Finn to become a partner in US investment bank Goldman Sachs.

Nosy: The mother tongue is Swedish, but he went to Finnish school in Tampere and worked mainly in English, so he calls himself a “zero language”.

Von Coskoll stresses that he does not support Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. He is a great friend of Europe and European cooperation, but he believes the vaccination rate indicates that the European Union and Brussels are bureaucratic and slow.

Brussels is a slow and somewhat arrogant bureaucratic organization that has never run such big projects.

I think Finland would have done better.

A claim that has been repeatedly overruled by the European Commission.

In an interview with Sweden’s Yale University, European Union Commission President Ursula von der Leyen defends the purchase of the European Union’s joint vaccine. According to her, coordination was crucial to avoiding a scenario in which the four or five largest member states could receive vaccines while many of the smaller EU countries would be left without.

Casper von Coskoll is visiting Daniel Olen tonight at 20.00 on Yle Five and on Monday 22.3 a longer version of the interview can be heard on Yle Vega at 19.22.

Hear Casper von Koskull talk about his tumultuous time as CEO of Nordea and how he experiences hate and threats during certain periods. The entire interview is available at Yle Arenan:

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