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An uncertain world and a rapid digital development are increasingly affecting our work environments and our working methods. This requires companies to be able to adjust and create flexible work environments that can be changed as needed at a much faster pace than before. With fact-based solutions that support the company’s sustainability policy.

We see a clear change now in how the leadership and the workplace are changing. Where there will be a need for faster scalability of companies even when it comes to working conditions. In order to achieve more flexibility, fast and correct decisions are required. Therefore, it is increasingly important to constantly monitor data to ensure that the decisions you make about the business environment are based on facts, says Vidar Helsayus, CEO of the company. Martella.

The office area and function will need to be planned to the new standard, as the options for where and how to work increase.

Our fully flexible and revolving solution, Workplace as a Service, means that our customers do not have to tie capital to a solution stuck in them. Our service is based on the fact that regardless of the time required to change, our service enables our customers to change the work environment in the office and at home. Then make more changes as new needs arise. At the same time, we ensure that the customer receives sustainable products, we recycle the products that are no longer needed and contribute to a true circular economy. Our solution, Vidar Hellsaeus says, means that today we work in the long term with our customers and take care of all or parts of their work environment for a longer period of time.

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by ‘Workplace as a service’ It gives clients access to qualitative and quantitative surveys that provide a better basis for decision making.

Through surveys, workshops, and interviews, employees can participate and feel secure in the change, while at the same time providing a good basis for management decision-making. We recommend involving employees in the process, but if this is not possible, we can design the office based on Martela’s experience and lessons learned from previous projects. Our quantitative usage rate measurements, which show how, for example, a room is being used, means that our clients can obtain data continuously so they can also optimize the utilization rate of their office space, says Denise Janberg, a workplace specialist at Martella.

Martela’s remote survey from last year shows that when it comes to focus, many feel that they become more productive when they work from home. While collaborating, ergonomics and breaks work better once you are in the office.

We believe that the office will have a more important role as a meeting place, but also more quiet areas that facilitate tasks that require intense focus will also be required. The user-oriented design, divided into four areas of communication, collaboration, recovery and focus, contributes to employees feeling better and better conditions to do their jobs in the best way, says Denise Janberg.

About martella

Martela is a family business founded in 1945. We plan and implement user-oriented work and learning environments, whose various buildings support individual ways of working and learning. We believe that an inspiring environment increases job satisfaction, well-being, well-being and productivity.

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