Floods in Australia: New warnings issued

The northwestern suburbs of Sydney with a population of five million in New South Wales are among the worst affected. Several rivers flow here, the maximum level of which is about 13 meters above normal.

Large parts of Australia Currently suffering from bad weather. Ten million of Australia’s 25 million people are affected by weather warnings from the country’s weather service. Torrential rain fell on the northern coast of New South Wales, with more than a meter of rain falling per week – two-thirds of the region’s annual average rainfall.

“The rain and floods are still very dynamic and complex,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.

During the afternoon Local time, authorities issued eviction orders, or warnings that evacuation may be imminent, for 40,000 people.

By that time, at least 18,000 people had already been evacuated and at least 850 more were rescued from the water by boats and helicopters, according to the Disaster Rescue Service of New South Wales.

The weather has worsened and is likely to continue to deteriorate during the day, says State Minister Gladys Prejiklian.

Thousands of homes were flooded and bridges washed away. In recent days, insurance companies have received more than 10,000 claims and declared an insurance disaster situation.

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