Five went on the vaccine waiting list at Västra Götaland – and were not given priority for the second dose

SVT Nyheter Väst reported during the week that those who preceded the vaccination queue in Västra Götaland It may also precede a waiting list for a second dose – to the detriment of people in the at-risk group. Those who crossed the waiting list were, among other things, managers and healthcare personnel who received doses that would otherwise have been lost. Even individuals have previously gone across Link dedicated to healthcare professionals.

It depends on how many people passed the waiting list and we don’t have an overview of that. It was difficult to come up with a separate plan for that group, said Christine Regie, the vaccination coordinator for the area at the time.

new message

Now the region revolves around the issue. Those who went first on the waiting list via the link would not be able to go first on the waiting list for their second dose, confirms Johnny Magnuson (M).

– The Director of Health and Medicare put his foot down, not a political decision. I’m upset with myself, it’s clear we don’t have to tolerate cheating, he says.

Could you do something different?

– No, we are working towards high vaccination pressure with the doses that we have. If someone slips between them and takes the cheat path, that’s unfortunate and if we find out, we must of course take action. But we cannot dedicate our main focus to preventing adulteration and slowing vaccination.

“We follow the priority order”

And the vaccination group in the area decided, on Friday, that those who incorrectly received the first dose should now wait for the second. An important sign, says Vaccine coordinator Christine Regie.

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– It is not something we accept. Residents should feel confident that we are following the national priority order. She adds that the fact that few people have been cheated does not affect the vaccination plan overall.

The message from the national side also says that the second dose can wait, and the incorrect doses will not be wasted either, depending on the reasons for the vaccination group.

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