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Over the past sixty years, I have pursued and attempted to understand international politics with varying degrees of success. It started around 1960 and the cause was quite certain John F. KenDy. The former Galleon figures in international politics seemed a little distant: the elderly, not to mention the outgoing, outspoken gentlemen. Kennedy might not have been very young, but compared to the rest of the guards, he was something completely different.

But trying to understand the dynamics of international politics has nothing to do with age or appearance. Examples are needed, cases that illustrate the direction a policy might suddenly take.

Now we have a very illustrative example.

The past four years have meant major energy shifts. Democracy hopes have been dashed. The internationally recognized rights of the Palestinian people under Israeli occupation have been put aside. Russian President Vladimir Putin She felt safe in the saddle and thus could intervene with ruthless competence in the Syrian Civil War. Victor Urban It can be thrown by the citizen George Soros Funded by the European University. Recep Tayyip Erdogan As the head of a NATO country, to suddenly start cooperation and arms negotiations with Russia.

But suddenly the winds turned and we know they have indeed turned as the United States struggled to tally the presidential election vote. Donald Trump He will certainly claim throughout the future that he has been cheated or cheated in the electoral victory. But the dispatchers, who over the past four years have felt liberated from international law obligations, were able to tell when and how the ballot papers were distributed.

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So we live in a rather amazing situation Joseph Bidens The international influence is being felt even before he swears allegiance to the United States Constitution. Erdoan made his first good invitation to the European Union almost as the vote count in Georgia was still underway. He now renewed the call, as Senate elections in the traditional southern state of Georgia also went the Democrats ’path.

As early as November, comments on Erdogan’s new tone were somewhat negative in the corridors of the European Parliament, and I don’t expect any much enthusiasm in the coming weeks. why?

Under the surface of Erdogan’s Turkish politics, one can discern a quest to return to the heyday of the Ottoman Empire. It was no coincidence that Turkey intervened in the Libyan conflict and prevented, among other things, a German warship flying the NATO flag from inspecting the shipment of a cargo ship protected by the Turkish Navy, which was most likely carrying weapons to Libya – against an international agreement. .

It was not a coincidence that Erdogan arrived in Baku to participate in the military celebrations marking the (actual) Turkish victory in the recent war on Nagorno-Karabakh.

Everything fits in well with Erdogan’s Ottoman dream. That kingdom definitely passed in 1922 and one qualified guess was that he wanted to celebrate this remembrance magnificently on the anniversary a hundred years later. But now the printed cards might be really shredded.

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