First Aid Kit introduces the new single Come on Love Me Today!

Come give me love It is an interpretation of the beloved Ted Gärdestad song from 1973 as First aid kit It was recorded and released in both Swedish and English!

The song was released in conjunction with the Cancer Foundation’s annual Pink Ribbon campaign, as First Aid Kit was the first Swedish musician to have the honor to design the pink ribbon of the year.

Clara and Jonah say:

“We grew up with Ted Jardestad’s music. Come Give MeLove, which has Swedish lyrics despite the title, is our favorite of all Ted’s songs. We wrote an English script for the song several years ago, when we were in the studio in Omaha, USA and working On our record Stay Gold. However, it wasn’t enough time so we never recorded it. This year we designed the Pink Ribbon for the Cancer Foundation. Regarding the Pink Ribbon campaign last year, the Cancer Foundation released a beautiful and heartbreaking video where they used the original version of Come We saw that and came up with the idea to finally record and release our version in terms of design collaboration this year.

Come give me love, we signed up in both Swedish and English. Our English text is an interpretation of Kenneth Jardestad’s wonderful original text. For us, the song is about a relationship that ends and all the emotional storms that arise after that.

About hope, longing and sadness. Reminds us of our childhood and summer.

Come Give Me Love We recorded great producer Daniel Bengtson at Rymden’s studio in Stockholm this spring. The original was produced by our idols Björn and Benny from ABBA, with ABBA on.

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Our version is a tribute to the iconic 1970s sound they created. I felt comfortable going the song with a little sister singing like a first aid kit!

We hope the song will reach a wider global audience with our English version. More people will discover the treasure of a wonderful TED song! “

Miro made a beautiful word-of-mouth video with production company Dreambear:

Come give me love is now available here:

contact person:
Lisa Burtelson
Phone: +46 702 24 40 63

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