Finland has moved in elections after a worrying report about the virus

The background to the decision is Friday’s report by the Finnish Health Authority THL, which estimates that daily infections could range between 2,600 and 11,200 in April, which is much more than today’s figures of around 800 cases.

Expectations make that happen It’s hard to motivate residents to gather at the polls in April at the same time people are being urged to stay home and stay away, says THL, which is backed by the government.

We must trust our health authorities. If they warn of the stakes, we have to take it very seriously, says Anna Maja Henrikson, who recently on Friday believed the election would go according to plan.

THL expects the infection situation in the country to be calmer in June, as vaccines have evolved, and it is estimated that all high-risk groups have received protection from the virus.

Anna Maja Henrikson It also confirms that the lack of turnout due to the epidemic would threaten the legitimacy of the results. Ahead of the new election day, the government is reviewing possibilities for, among other things, outdoor voting and auto solutions.

The proposal to postpone the elections was supported by eight of nine Finnish parliamentary parties. The real Finns only wanted the local elections to be held as planned in April.

The past two weeks Infection has increased in Finland and the number of cases per 100,000 people rose from 94.3 to 138.4.

– Marco Trafahuta, Managing Director and General Manager of THL, said that the situation at the moment is critical and dramatic, In an interview with DN on Friday.

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The most affected areas are around Helsinki and Turku. Starting Monday and three weeks ago, gyms and gyms will be closed as the infection spreads.

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