Final Fantasy VII Remake News of the Week – PS5 version with “More Story”?

It is also claimed to have been released on PC.

These are exciting times, too Final FantasyFans. The expansion was detected recently Endwalker To an online role-playing game Final Fantasy XIVAnd, somewhere in the horizon is waiting Final Fantasy XVI.

Square Enix is ‚Äč‚Äčalso clearly in full swing with Chapter 2 of the Final Fantasy VII remakeAnd Mutomo Toriyama, co-director, now confirms that there will be news this week. During a concert dedicated to the seventh new version, we get new information about the game. For the second part? About more versions of the first part?

In addition to the performance we have a special program planned as well. There will be a few things about Final Fantasy VII Remake that will only be revealed during this party. I will also be taking part in this program so please follow up!

This reveals Toriyama across TwitterThankfully a quote is enough Translated by Itai Kimochi.

April 10 is one year since its release Final Fantasy VII remake To Playstation 4, and from that day the exclusive time will expire and more formats may appear. Popular Resetera user, Navtra, previously said that the PS5 version of its seventh release will be revealed in February. Now it claims to be more than just a polished version, and it also comes with New story material – And the computer. Xbox release, then? No. At least not yet.

It is released for PS5 / PC (without Xbox) and is a bit more substantial than increased resolution. There is new story content.

Navra adds that the information may be out of date, but he was right before.

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