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Steven Spielberg, one of the world’s most influential directors and pioneers, was not particularly happy that Alfonso Cuarron’s film “Roma” won three Oscars at this year’s ceremony.

Spielberg’s rejection stems from the fact that Roma was produced and distributed by the broadcast giant Netflix. Spielberg now wants to make sure the Roma case is never repeated.

In previous interviews, Spielberg has made it clear that he does not consider Netflix movies to be “real movies.”

Netflix movies don’t follow the traditional distribution model as they are first shown in movie theaters for a while and then become available to watch a movie at home on the sofa.

In order to be nominated for the Oscars, movies must be shown in cinemas and Netflix solved this problem by quickly showing their movies in cinemas while they are on the live streaming service.

However, Netflix didn’t allow the cinemas to show the movie – they rented out cinemas to showcase Rome and kept all the ticket revenues themselves.

This was rejected by Spielberg, who believes Netflix movies do not belong to the Oscars.

– When you stick to TV format, you are a TV movie, and Spielberg previously told ITV News and let them understand that a good Netflix movie “can deserve an Emmy, but not an Academy Award.”

He talks to the board

Spielberg is a board member at Oscars Academy, and at a board meeting next month he plans to propose rule changes that would prevent Netflix movies from participating.

Not all filmmakers share Spielberg’s views. Among other things, Ava DuVernay, the director behind films such as Selma and A Wrinkle In Time, expressed dissatisfaction with the Academy‚Äôs decision to listen to Spielberg.

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– Dear Academy. This is a board meeting and regular members cannot attend. If true, I hope other feeling different filmmakers will have the opportunity to express themselves, Duvernay wrote on Twitter after news of Spielberg’s intentions reached the media.

Netflix distributed the 13th Academy Award-nominated documentary by Ava DuVernay in 2016, and her new mini-series is expected to release when they see us on Netflix at the end of May this year.

Additionally, Netflix will soon be put up with a major investment by veteran filmmaker Martin Scorsese.

Netflix has already spent more than $ 100 million on Scorsese’s upcoming gangster drama The Irishman and is already said to be aiming for the upcoming Academy Awards.

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