FIFA World Cup: Kristen Press is fed up with rumors about USA: ‘You’re not arrogant’

As the defending champion, the United States went to France with the front runner on its shoulders.

And the players did their best to increase the pressure.

When Kristen Press met the media at a press conference prior to the meeting with England, she was asked about American arrogance and it could be harmful.

She shook her head. According to the press, there is no arrogance in the team.

– Before every match, we prepare as if we are going to meet the best team in the world, so we show respect to the opponent, he says.

Click on: “Self-confidence is beautiful”

She believes that there is a big difference between arrogance and self-confidence or self-confidence.

Self-confidence is beautiful, as it is a large part of the legacy that is constantly transmitted in the women’s soccer team in the United States.

We hope that our efforts will spread this attitude to people all over the world and that the next generation will see and follow.

Journalism loves journalism

According to the press, for US players to make their favorite character stronger, instead of trying to reduce the stress, it is a conscious choice.

We have self-confidence in the group that allows us to exert pressure and use it to do something positive, which makes us stronger. We have the unique power to take advantage of the greatest moments. This is thanks to the players’ personalities but also the team personality this group has.

The United States will meet England in the semi-final in Lyon on Tuesday evening. In the final, the winner will face either Sweden or the Netherlands.

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