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February’s 10 Best New TV Shows | Movie Zain

“All but Us”, “For All Mankind” and “Solar Opposites” are just some of the new series that will premier in February. Here you will find the top 10 titles!

February might not offer some of the biggest and most expensive TV projects of the year, but with the launch of Disney + ‘s adult Star collection, the continuation of the Apple Original series “For All Mankind” and the new Swedish TV series “All Except Us” … so there are all the reasons why Make you feel angry in our first TV shows.

Below, I’ve spawned the 10 TV series that I personally look forward to in the next month. Feel free to add your own tips in the comments below!

Firefly Lane (“Whatever Happens”) – February 3 (Netflix)

Katherine Heigl (“Grey’s Anatomy”) and Sarah Chalke (“Scrubs”) play life-long friends, as we can follow their swings together through three different timelines. A romantic drama series, given that it lands on Netflix when there is little competition in that particular genre … it is likely to bring a certain success to the viewer.

“Dead water fell” (“A Fought Among Us”) – February 6 (SVT)

David Tennant (“Doctor Who,” “Good Omens”) plays one of the main roles in the miniseries “A Murderer Among Us” (SVT translation into “Deadwater Fell”), which throws us straight into the action when a family joins in the Suddenly Killing the Surface of Accept someone from an ideal small community.

“We are all except” – February 12th (Discovery +)

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Björn Gustafsson and Alba August play the main roles as Ola and Hilma, a couple who do their best to become parents … to no avail. Reality offers a painful season both entertaining and moving, at least during the first six episodes I had to participate in beforehand. Regardless, this is undoubtedly a series that should not be missed in February!

Clarisse – February 14th (Viewplay)

“Clarice” takes place a year after the classic “When the Lambs Go Silent” and lets us follow FBI agent Clarice Starling’s search for Buffalo Bill. However, the warning finger should be raised here, as you do not have the right to use the name “Dr. Hannibal Lecter” so you should not enter hoping that this is a series where we can neither see Anthony Hopkins nor Mads Mikkelsen.

“For all humanity” – February 19 (Apple TV +)

Season 2 of the Apple Original luxury series “For All Mankind” has finally arrived and allows us to continue our alternative historical story of the arms race in space between the United States, the Soviet Union and China. Joel Kinman continues to play one of the main roles while TV creator Ronald De Moore (“Battlestar Galactica” and “Outlander”) writes the script.

Tribes of Europe – 19 Fiberware (Netflix)

The German original series “Dark” is one of the most successful TV series ever on Netflix, and the question now is whether the German science fiction project “Tribes of Europe” can succeed in drawing many curious viewers to give the series a chance. The series is set in the year 2074, in the wake of a mysterious global catastrophe that struck our planet.

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American wolf – Cayoti – February 21 (Viewplay)

“The Shield” actor Michael Chicles is back in another tenacious lead role. But this time, like an old Border Guard, he ends up on the “wrong side” of the border and suddenly finds himself in a situation where he needs the help of the same people who spent his career outside the United States.

“Heaven is big” February 23 (Star at Disney +)

David E. Kelley has created a TV series more successful than any other TV maker, with series like “Big Little Lies,” “The Undoing,” “Mr. Mercedes,” “Goliath”, “Boston Legal”, “Alley McBeal” and “The Advocate”. Under his belt. Big Sky will follow a special investigator (Ryan Phillip), who is trying to solve a mystery with a gang of missing women. In the US, the series has already aired on ABC, but here in Sweden we can get involved when a group is launched Star at Disney +.

‘Solar opposites’ February 23 (Star at Disney +)

Justin Roiland, the co-inventor and soundtrack behind “Rick and Morty,” had the opportunity last year to create his own adult animated Hulu series. It was very well received by both critics and viewers but it did not appear here in Sweden, but fortunately we will now be able to take part in the series, which will also be part of Disney + ‘s Star set.

Superman and Lewis February 23 (CW, USA)

Superman & Lois managed to have some cute “Man of Steel” vibes in my dad version of Superman. However, it remains unclear exactly which streaming service will show the series here in Sweden … but given that CW is part of HBO Max in the US, we hope the series finds its way to HBO Nordic or TNT here in Sweden (which is part From the same group).

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Which first TV shows are you looking forward to the most in February? Feel free to comment below!

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