FBI halts kidnapping plan: Six men suspected of plotting to kidnap Michigan governor | Foreigner

The FBI indicates that thirteen men in Michigan in the United States are suspected of planning an armed attack on the state’s democracy leadership. The men are associated with an armed group.

The men had originally intended to carry out an attack in the state capital, Lansing. In connection with the attack, they took several people hostage.

At least six men later came to target Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. They planned to attack Whitmire’s summer house, then kidnap her. They are now being tried in federal court.

According to them, she acted unconstitutionally and should be held accountable for treason.

The men had trained for the attack since the beginning of the summer, and had purchased weapons and explosives for this purpose. The kidnapping plan was to be implemented prior to the US presidential election 3.11.

The FBI tracked them down by infiltrating the group, and by hacking messages on social media as there were discussions about the overthrow of the state government.

They are said to have talked about the forcible removal of some representatives of the state government and the judiciary. The idea was for 200 people to take part in the attack.

If the men are found guilty, they face life in prison.

Disruption of coronary strictures

Governor Whitmire is known for criticizing President Donald Trump.

It has also come under fire for imposing strict restrictions on the state’s coronary artery in an attempt to slow the progression of the virus.

The restrictions did not go well with everyone, and in April there were large protests against the restrictions imposed on the coronary artery in Lansing, and the demonstrations were directed in part against the Democratic state government.

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Then President Trump showed his support for the protesters with slogans: Free Michigan.

In May, far-right members tried to storm the state parliament.

Sources: Reuters, AP, New York Times

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