Fatal F1 crash turned into TV entertainment – Daniel Ricciardo furious at the organizers: “totally disrespectful and ruthless” | Sports

The breather fell after the terrifying Roman Grosjean Crash in nearly an hour and a half. Meanwhile, the incident was replayed numerous times on television. It resulted in cutting the mouth. “It was just disrespectful,” says Daniel Ricciardo.

One thing was focused on regarding the Formula 1 race on Sunday in Bahrain. Roman Grosjean’s crash on the first lap resulted in the car shattering in two and a real fire broke out, but the Haas driver escaped minor injuries in light of what happened.

The accident will be thoroughly investigated, Sky Sports writes.

– We’ll review the garbage. Rescuers did exactly what they were there for. The driver was safe, says Michael Massie, competition leader for the International Motorsport Federation.

Grogan will reportedly be allowed to leave the hospital on Tuesday Formula 1 website. He will at least be in charge of the race this week and be replaced by reserve driver Pietro Vittipaldi in Haas.

– Obviously, it isn’t ideal conditions for me to get my first chance in Formula 1. I’ve been with the stable a lot during the contest weekends, so the procedures are familiar, Fittipaldi says on the Formula 1 website.

“Play with our feelings”

Drivers in unison praise the safety now found in Formula 1. The sport is dangerous, but the measures taken may have saved Grosjean’s life.

However, there was severe criticism of the TV broadcast.

During the long recess that occurred when the wall was to be repaired, remodeling of the Grogan accident was shown several times.

– I want to point out that I am disappointed with F1. The way Grogan’s accident was shown over and over has been utterly disrespectful and ruthless to his family, to all of our families, Daniel Ricciardo says according to Autosport.

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– In my opinion, it became entertainment and they played with our emotions.

The stable manager defends the photos in broadcast

Haa’s stable bureau chief, Gunter Steiner, thought it was important for the TV broadcast to show what really happened and lent its support to the TV pictures.

We wanted to get the news that Roman is doing well as soon as possible. It is difficult for family and friends to contact the stable. A TV message gives more impact. It sounded a bit dramatic, Steiner says, but it ended well.

A spokesperson for F1 said they followed protocol and didn’t show any photos as long as he wasn’t sure everything went well with Grosjean.

– There are procedures before a single playback image is displayed. When an accident occurs, all transmissions from cars and helicopters, for example, are cut off. There is a direct line between the competition administration and the broadcast center, and the pictures are only shown when the competition management allows it.

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