Farmer Bell is the largest owner of farmland

Gates earned the nickname “Farmer Bell” after investing in recent years, which constructed 98,000 acres of farmland in 18 states.

The largest real estate is located in the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Nebraska. Gates, who has become famous in recent years as a philanthropist, has not made explicit long-term plans.

According to the Land Report, which was the first to release the numbers, the land is owned directly by Gates and through third parties through investment company Cascade Investments, which manages his private fortune.

Gates’ heavy investment in farmland may seem unexpected. But the agricultural picture is not entirely new. The Bill & Melinda Gates charity has funded numerous programs to develop sustainable agriculture and resilient crops that will combat climate change.

Bill Gates may be the largest private land owner, but he is far from the largest private landowner. On that list Popular new names have sprung up, such as Jeff Bezos, who rose to the 25th place on the list of the largest landowners in the United States.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was recently added to the list, and it ranks 49th.

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