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Fans of HG Wells attack Bugs with a commemorative coin

The idea was to create a commemorative coin to commemorate the work of H.G. Wells, the British writer, historian and sociologist known for his novels War of the Worlds and The Invisible Man.

But the two-pound coin The Royal Mint was unveiled in Britain this week Angered some Welsh fans who quickly discovered what they described as flaws and failed images in the coin design, which were inspired by the author’s books.

For example, the Martian machine that Welles described in “The War of the Worlds” as “a brutal tripod, higher than many houses” appears to have four legs instead of three. The figure of the Invisible Man on the coin bears a figure wearing a hat, not the “wide-brimmed hat” Wells described in his book.

The mistakes were and Wells’s amateur reaction Reported by The Guardian.

“Can I just notice that the big coin walking machine has four legs? Four legs,” Holly Humphries, Digital Artist, He said on Twitter.

Ms. Humphries, from Oxfordshire, England, said she noticed the error on Monday, the day the Royal Mint announced the coin, when she read about it in an online forum devoted to “War of the Worlds”.

“The tripod is an iconic and popular thing in fiction for more than 120 years,” she said in an interview on Tuesday, “and to make this mistake shows an incredible lack of familiarity with the work, especially when you try to honor the writer with such a coin.”

Patrick Barender, President HG Wells Association In London and author Who wrote about Wells, also discovered the error.

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“Three good legs, four bad legs,” said Mr. Barinder of the tripod. “It’s a shame that the artist didn’t choose that.”

Adam Roberts, Vice President of the Wells Association and Professor at Royal Holloway, University of London, He said on Twitter, “The tripods in Wales didn’t just have * three * legs, Griffin, his invisible leg, doesn’t wear a big hat. He added that the character’s face was covered in a wide-brimmed hat.

He said, “So, it’s two for two.”

Welles, who was considered the leading literary figure of his day, is best known for science fiction novels, some of which have been adapted into films. He passed away in 1946 at the age of 79.

When announcing the coin, the Royal Mint said it “celebrates the imagination and inquires into the mind of a man who helped shape the world we live in.”

A spokeswoman for the Royal Mint said in a statement on Wednesday that it “works with leading designers around the world to create art on a unique canvas of coinage.”

“We encourage them to be creative and distinguished in their response to the brief,” she said. “When developing a design for HG Wells’ coin, we asked the artists to reflect on his life and work, ensuring that the coin was instantly recognized and optimized for space at £ 2.

The coin was designed by Chris Costello, Boston-based graphic designer and illustrator. It depicts the four-legged space machine with the invisible man in the foreground. The visual images of the coin also include a partial digital clock, a reference to Mr. Costello’s “time machine” He said on his website.

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“The characters in War of the Worlds have been photographed many times, and I wanted to create something original and contemporary,” said Mr. Costello in a statement released by the Royal Mint. “ My design is inspired by the variety of machines featured in the book – including tripods and handling Machines with five hinged legs and multiple attachments.

He added that “The final design brings together multiple stories into one stylized, unified composition that is emblematic of Welles’s ‘work’ and fits the unique coin’s canvas.”

On his website, Mr. Costello also said that he used a high hat because it was “easily recognized as being from the Victorian era as opposed to the futuristic machine in the background.”

The Royal Mint said on Tuesday that the coin, which has a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the other side, will be issued later this year, 75 years after Wales’ death. It is part of the annual collection of the Royal Mint, a collection of coins commemorating the anniversaries in 2021, including the Queen’s 95th birthday.

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