Fact-checking: The Republican National Commission falsely cites the increase in turnout as evidence of fraud

She also joined Trump in using laughable supposedly weak evidence to prove the case. Specifically, there is an unfounded argument that an increase in voter turnout is a sign of something outrageous going on.

RNC spokeswoman Elizabeth Harrington has made numerous false or misleading claims since Election Day, claiming unfounded that the Democrats are trying to steal the election and that Joe Biden could not have legitimately garnered more votes than Barack Obama. On Tuesday, her Twitter account got particularly ridiculous.

Harrington posted a file Thread In which she argued that the fact that Biden received more votes in some urban counties with strong democracy than Hillary Clinton did in 2016 is in itself a sign of fraud.

This is, frankly, ridiculous.

There is no evidence of fraud spreading anywhere in the country, including the counties highlighted by Harrington. Increased voter participation is not a sign of something suspicious happening.

Harrington was picking up the data and misusing it at the same time – omitting figures inappropriate to her case and describing others inaccurately.

1) Demand has increased nationally – in both democratic and republican countries And provinces.

In other words, there was nothing at all out of the ordinary about Biden increasing his total votes in the particular counties in which Harrington clearly indicated that Biden had improved in Clinton’s total votes. As more people voted overall, whether for Biden or Trump, Biden improved Clinton’s overall vote in much of the country – even in the counties he easily lost.

More than 152 million votes Counted in the 2020 election starting Tuesday, according to Cook’s political report. That incomplete number on Tuesday was already an increase of more than 15 million votes from 2016.

2) Biden made greater gains in the major suburban counties around Milwaukee and Detroit than he did in the metropolitan counties themselves.

Harrington Indicated Biden received 9.8% more votes in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, than Clinton. But this is not cool at all; Biden scored much larger gains in some of the neighboring counties. In neighboring Waukesha County, A. Republican-dominated suburban area The West Milwaukee that Trump held in both 2016 and 2020, Biden received 31% more votes than Clinton (as of Tuesday; all totals may change before approval). Biden also beat Clinton’s total votes by about 31% in Ozaukee County, a Republican-dominated county north of Milwaukee.

On its subject matter, Harrington did not mention Biden’s performance in Waukesha or Ozaukee.

She did Highlight Biden increased 13% of Clinton’s total votes in the trusted Democratic County of Wayne, Michigan, which includes Detroit – the city that used to be One of the central goals Unfounded accusations of fraud by Trump allies. However, you did not notice that Biden had improved by more than 26%, as of Tuesday, compared to Clinton’s total votes in neighboring Oakland County, a suburban county in the North that was controlled by both Clinton and Biden but more politically divided than he is. Wayne County. Likewise, Harrington overlooked the fact that Biden gained about 23% of Clinton’s total in Monroe County just south of Wayne County, which Trump achieved in both elections.

3) In the Detroit area, Trump’s vote increase between 2020 and 2016 was greater, in percentage terms, than Biden’s increase.

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Harrington wants people to think it’s dubious that Biden gets 13% more votes than Clinton in Wayne County, Michigan. But Trump improved the county by more than Biden did: his 2020 total was more than 15% higher than the 2016 total there.

Sounds in New York and Illinois

This wasn’t the end of Harrington’s betrayal of his Twitter thread.

In an effort to bolster her argument that there is something fishy about Biden’s performance in some urban counties, Harrington claimed “These increases did not happen to Biden in other democratic strongholds,” as she unfoundedly indicated that the vote count was more fair.

Then she cited some cases in which Biden supposedly got far fewer votes than Clinton. But these tweets, too, were very misleading – because they were comparing the final 2016 vote total for Clinton to Biden’s partial vote totals for 2020.

Take Harrington’s tweet Around Manhattan, New York. I posted a screenshot from The New York Times showing Clinton’s 2016 total vote there, 579,013, and a screenshot of the Times showing Biden’s total of 377,605. Citing those two numbers, she stated, “Biden lost 4,08,08 votes.”

But Harrington’s tweet shows why this account is not valid. In its 2020 screenshot it posted, The Times indicated that its Manhattan numbers at the time were “only 60% of the estimated vote reported.” In other words, thousands upon thousands of Manhattan votes were not added to Biden’s total.

Harrington made The same kind of claim – “Biden lost 104,827 votes” – about Queens, New York, which had only 63% of the estimated 2020 vote that was reported at the time of Harrington’s tweet.
and she too Submit the claim About Cook County, Illinois, where Chicago is located, saying, “Biden lost 228,630 votes” even though the county has only 78% of the estimated 2020 votes reported.

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