Facebook’s decision on Donald Trump on Wednesday

Republican Donald Trump, photographed still President of the United States.picture: Caroline Custer / AP / TT

Can former US President Donald Trump return to Facebook and Instagram? An independent monitoring body set up by Facebook announced, on Wednesday, a decision to suspend the former president’s membership.

Internet giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube shut down Trump from his platforms shortly after his supporters stormed the Congress building on January 6.

“We allowed President Trump to use our platform according to our rules … but the current situation is completely different, as our platform is being used to call for a violent uprising against a democratically elected government,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg declared at the time.

Later, the former president was brought before a Supreme Court on charges of inciting rebellion, but he was acquitted.

In February, Twitter, which Donald Trump had used extensively during his presidency, announced that Trump would not be able to access the platform again – even if he ran for president again. Trump had 89 million followers on Twitter.

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