Facebook works on the Clubhouse Killer

Facebook, according to the New York Times, has started developing its own variant of Clubhouse, the voice-based social platform that has been getting a lot of attention lately.

According to the sources, the work with the individual product should be at a very early stage. Spokesman The social networking site Facebook The following tells the newspaper without confirming anyone’s work Club House-variable:

“We have been connecting people with audio and video for many years and are always looking for new ways to improve this experience.”

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It’s not just Facebook that wants to compete with the latest rating. Twitter has also launched a beta version of its Clubhouse-like calling service. Twitter Spaces began testing in December last year, but has a maximum of twenty participants per room.

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The call-focused app, which has so far only been available to Apple users and via invitation, tops download lists in many countries. The app was launched in March last year, and the number of users has grown rapidly recently to around 3.5 million users globally. Above all, this trend was driven by such well-known entrants as Tesla founder Elon Musk.

China announced on Monday that the app, like Facebook and Twitter, is banned in the country.

Hear from Di Digital’s Editorial Staff Discuss Clubhouse in the final episode of Digital Podcast.

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