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Kim Farstala, the London-based My New Country reporter, blogs about the experiences.

  • Big Ben is not the name of the Elizabeth Tower or the Great Westminster Clock in the Houses of Parliament, but the name of the great bell that was cast in the mid-nineteenth century.
  • There are eleven different locations in the Game of Thrones TV series in Northern Ireland, including Winterfell and The King’s Road. See the full list at http://www.discovern Northernireland.com/gameofthrones/
  • Leicester Square – Covent Garden Tube is only 270 meters long, making it the shortest metro trip in London. Although the walking is faster, the road is the busiest due to all the tourists.
  • It is said that as long as there are six crows in the Tower of London, the kingdom will remain intact. There are currently seven (one in reserve) all of them winged and supervised by The Raven Master.
  • Nessi is said to have been discovered by Saint Columba (521-579), the second national saint in Scotland after Saint Andrew.
  • Wales has more castles per square kilometer than any other country in the world.

where do I start? The UK has a lot to offer, both for the weekend tourist and the long-term worker, choosing the best is almost overwhelming.

From the highlands of Scotland and whiskey distilleries to Game of Thrones filming locations in Northern Ireland to the mountains of Wales and castles to the capital of England, and all of Britain, London.

If you are traveling to the UK for the first time, you will likely be coming to London so let’s start here. What should you definitely not miss?

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Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. Oxford Street and Regent Street. Piccadilly Circus and Covent Garden. Tower of London and Tower Bridge. It is about the most important tourist attractions.

Depending on each person’s personal preferences, there are around a million things that could be added to the list. If you are interested in history, I can only heartily recommend the newly restored Imperial War Museum.

If you have a penchant for pop culture, you can visit the many fashion pioneers at Madame Tussauds wax museum and if you like sports, it is natural to watch a football match or any other sporting event at Wembley Stadium.

There is a lot to do in London and you can talk about it for as long as you want, but we don’t do that now. Alternatively, we look south from London at 6 o’clock on the geographical map.

In addition to being a top destination for excursions in London, Brighton is also a wonderful coastal city in the south of England. I have visited the city so far three times during my time in London and it was a welcome respite from the stressful daily life.

Only when you hear, see and feel the smell of the sea, will you realize how much you missed it. Go to Brighton and eat at a fish restaurant on the beach. Head out to Brighton Pier if there are kids at the party. Enjoy the relatively humble crowd.

West / southwest London, around 8pm, is the laid-back, famous and world-class district of Avebury. Here is one of Britain’s most popular tourist destinations, Stonehenge, as well as its little brother Wooding.

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If you choose instead to apply west and / or north from London, you have the opportunity to visit “Oxbridge”, ie the universities of Oxford or Cambridge, two of the most well-known educational institutions in the world.

Far north! At 11:00 in London, Nottingham and nearby Sherwood Forest (currently a park) is where the myths of Robin Hood roll. Here, those interested in football should head west to the cities of Manchester and Liverpool.

If you are planning to go the far north of the UK, I recommend the East Coast Trains, which run along the British East Coast all the way to Inverness and Aberdeen in Scotland.

When talking about Scotland, we must of course mention Loch Ness, the second deepest lake in Britain and since 1932 it has been famous for the monster Nessi, which is said to be a prehistoric plesiosaur.

However, the most legitimate reason to visit Scotland remains its wonderful nature, and the same is true of Ireland. The combination of mountains, valleys and plains creates unparalleled magnificent and romantic landscapes.

Kim Farstala

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